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12.04.2021 ЙОПТА, септик, форсаж

07.04.2021 Дремучие пенсионеры

05.04.2021 WCапп, кидок, Бзден

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who am I?

My name is Anatoly Savenkoff. I'm a person, who creates music. I'm also being a programmer and photographer. But music is the primary thing I like to do. I working in many styles, among of them: funk, rap, house, hip-hop, disco, pop, new age, reggae and jazz. I create pop and disco compositions, sometimes (maybe) trance and techno. Here is the page with my instrumental music, page with my songs and page with my fun remixes and parodies. Don't worry about russian descriptions - some titles are in english and navigation is easy. ;)

If you're looking for some good covers, just press here (or, may be, there). Some covers from other authors available here.

If you're looking for some phone ringtones, press here.

I also like photography. I'm not a hard-skilled professional, but a hi-fi specialist. :) Hope you will like my photos. The topics are: animals (some squirrels available separately ;), insects, sky, flowers & plants, nature and landscapes, stock, miscellaneous and wallpapers.

Currently for english users I can present my little game - "Put the block". Course this game is shipped with my songs and remixes in MIDI format. This funny logical game can kill many hours of time... There are two languages available: English (thanks to Joseph Krause) and Russian, English is the default.

Next program is a NetZhop monitor. This application shows the state of computers in local network (on/off).

Try my visual plugin for WinAMP - Prometeus. This plugin are quite beautiful.

My next "dual-language" game - Battle Ship DeLuxe. Now supporting network!

I can always be reached by E-mail: Although my English is terrible, I'll understand any letters and surely answer you. ;)

If you want to donate my site, please go here.

A little more about my music

I've started to learn music when I was six. Those were the days, when I get some difficulties with learning piano, and I've been trying to escape from the music school... I could never imagine that music will play such a big role in my further life. My parents were trying to change my opinion about music and encouraged me to learn violin. I've been learning violin for 4 years, but it wasn't enough to wake up a musician in my soul, though I've demonstrated very good results in music education. Then I've returned to piano and continued to play on this instrument. But at this time I've noticed, that I can easily play more of the popular pop & disco compositions without any training - just on the fly. At the same time (about 1989) I've started to work with computers and keyboards, and this kind of work has involved me in new experience and learning. In 1999 I've started to work at my own compositions. You can find my songs on this page. Some funny remixes available there.




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